Weblearning Resources

Web-Based Learning Resources Library: ‘Web-based learning (a major subcomponent of the broader term “e-learning”) is one of the tools with which education is delivered. In traditional academic institutions, web-based learning systems are generally housed administratively in a “distance education” department alongside other at-distance delivery methods such as correspondence, satellite broadcast, two-way video conferencing, videotape and CD-ROM/DVD delivery systems. All such systems seek to serve learners at some distance from their learning facilitator. Many such systems attempt to serve learners interacting with the learning source at different chronological times (for example, email). Distance Education, then, is often referred to as those delivery modalities that seek to reduce the barriers of time and space to learning, thus the frequently used phrase “anytime, anywhere learning”. Be careful, however, with that euphemism as not all topics or learning goals lend themselves to “anytime” as a delivery method.

Weblearning Resources
This page, one of three in the series, is an educators’ resource for delivery and management of education via the Internet. It focuses on web-based learning for higher education, especially for at-distance, adult learners but has application for web-based learning in general. This website attempts to informally catalog (and occasionally compare, contrast and editorialize on) the tools, topics, and issues of interest to those developing for web-based learning initiatives.’

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 10:44 am

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