Vocational Education

Technology transforms voc-ed. ‘Hands-on, high-tech experience leads to a surge in enrollment. The opportunity for hands-on experience with high-tech tools in a wide range of new fields – from DNA forensics and robotics to golf course management – has helped fuel a near 60-percent surge in vocational education enrollment nationwide in the last five years. But this surging enrollment comes at a time when federal funding for vocational education is again in jeopardy.’

Vocational Education

OVAE – Office of Vocational and Adult Education. ‘The OVAE website has information, research, and resources to help prepare young people and adults for postsecondary education, successful careers, and productive lives. It is our goal to provide you with useful and timely information that will enhance your knowledge of vocational and adult education programs and issues.’

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 12:36 pm

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