Visual Collaboration Online: Thinkature and ConceptShare

TechCrunch: ConceptShare and Thinkature: Two Approaches to Visual Collaboration. ‘Collaboration between distributed users online is widely recognized as one of the key next steps in software development. The products available for collaboration are becoming increasingly lightweight, powerful and easy to use. Two companies that we’ve found entering into this market with compelling, but markedly different, products are ConceptShare and Thinkature.

Visual Collaboration Online: Thinkature and ConceptShare
Both products let users create shared visual workspaces that can be marked up and chatted in. If you are a visual designer, someone planning events or otherwise looking to stop emailing or faxing visual objects back and forth – one of these two services might be just what you are looking for. Thinkature is simpler, free and available now. ConceptShare is more powerful, subscription-based and due to come to market in a few weeks.’

Thinkature. ‘Thinkature brings the richness of in-person, visual communication to the web by placing instant messaging inside a visual workspace. Use it as a collaboration environment, a meeting room, a personal web-based whiteboard, or something entirely new. With Thinkature, you can create a collaborative workspace and invite coworkers, friends, and colleagues to join you in just seconds. Once inside your workspace, you can communicate by chatting, drawing, creating cards, and be adding content from around the Internet. It’s all synchronous, too – no need to hit reload or get an editing lock.’

ConceptShare. ‘ConceptShare is a web-based application server that allows for the creation and management of interactive workspaces to present visual designs to others to communicate design intentions and gather feedback from team members, managers, and customers.

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 9:20 am

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