Virtual Worlds and the Future of e-Learning

Defining and Understanding Virtual Worlds, by Karl M. Kapp, Learning Circuits, 2007. ‘Virtual worlds just might be the future of e-learning. It is enough to make a learning professional’s head spin. Every day there is a new story about online worlds providing new learning environments. Articles and books are describing how a generation raised on video games is invading the workplace and demanding new online learning environments. Unfortunately, for those not on the bleeding edge of game technologies, all this talk of virtual worlds, avatars, MMORPGs, metaverses, and microworlds seems right out of a science fiction novel and, in some cases, it is.’

Virtual Worlds and the Future of e-Learning

Karl Kapp Blog: Kapp Notes. ‘This blog discusses issues concerning learning, e-learning and the transferring knowledge from retiring baby boomers to incoming gamers. The goal is to share information and knowledge to create a better understanding of learning design.’

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