Ubiquitous Computing and the Classroom

Ubiquitous Computing In the Classroom: If you want to find out about ubiquitous computing and its impact on the classroom, Kent State University’s Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET) is the place to go. In addition to maintaining a website on the topic, the Center has released a DVD entitled “Ubiquitous Computing: How Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone Computing is Changing Education,” which has been distributed to every K-12 school and teacher education program in Ohio. The DVD was developed to support teaching, professional development, and research as it relates to the impact on teaching and learning and the use of PalmPilots, PCs, cell phones, and other such mobile devices. The DVD is available at no charge, although you have to think that the offer is intended for teachers.

Ubiquitous Computing and the Classroom

Researchers share insights on ubiquitous computing and the classroom. ‘Palm pilots, PCs, cellular phones–technology permeates all aspects of our lives, including the American classroom. Kent State University’s Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET), a national leader in the study of ubiquitous computing, has developed a DVD-ROM to educate current and future teachers.’

Ubiquitous Computing: More than Handhelds.

Ubiquitous Computing. ‘Ubiquitous computing names the third wave in computing, just now beginning. First were mainframes, each shared by lots of people. Now we are in the personal computing era, person and machine staring uneasily at each other across the desktop. Next comes ubiquitous computing, or the age of calm technology, when technology recedes into the background of our lives. Alan Kay of Apple calls this “Third Paradigm” computing. Mark Weiser is the father of ubiquitous computing; his web page contains links to many papers on the topic.’

Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET). ‘The Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET) was founded in 1999 to provide a collegial network for university researchers and K-16 educators committed to studying the impact of technology on teaching and learning. RCET offices are located in northeast Ohio on the campus of Kent State University in the Moulton Hall Learning Technologies Center.’


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