Two Interesting Reports from CDW-G: 21st-Century Campus Report and 21st-Century Classroom Report

Ready or Not: Next-Gen Students’ Technology Expectations Surpass Students’ Today, Annual CDW-G Survey FindsCampus IT Professionals Highlight Need for Infrastructure Upgrades to Support “Always On” Access. From the press release: CDW Government LLC (CDW-G), a leading source of Information Technology (IT) solutions to educators and government, today announced the results of its third annual 21st-Century Campus Report, a national survey of more than 1,000 college students, faculty and IT staff members. The 2010 survey found that many institutions have increased their campus technology offerings to meet the demands of college students today – and tomorrow. Campus IT professionals noted that back-end infrastructure must continue to evolve to support increasing demands for 21st-century learning tools.

Two Interesting Reports from CDW-G: 21st-Century Campus Report and 21st-Century Classroom Report

Sixty-three percent of today’s college students said technology was important in their college selection criteria and, as an indication of the ever-increasing importance of technology among younger generations, 93 percent of current high school students said it is important, according to the recently released 21st-Century Classroom Report, which examined technology use at the high school level.

Anticipating future students’ technology needs, many campuses are successfully integrating new technology tools, including digital content (70 percent), virtual learning (61 percent) and online collaboration software (58 percent), CDW-G found. Three-quarters of college students reported that their institutions understand how they want to use technology as a learning tool.

College students are using social media – including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and wikis – as a learning tool. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of students use social media to connect with classmates to study or work on class assignments. Even more high-school students (76 percent) use social media as an educational tool. Read the full press release here.

21st-Century Campus Report: Campus 2.0. Now in its third year, the CDW-G 21st-Century Campus Report examines the role of technology in higher education. CDW-G surveyed more than 1,000 college students, faculty, and IT staff to understand their perceptions of campus technology.

While the 2008 report provided a baseline for campus technology use, and the 2009 study examined how student needs are changing, the 2010 report focuses on what colleges are getting right, and how they are incorporating new tools into interactive learning experiences.

21st-Century Classroom Report: Preparing Students for the Future or the Past? The 21st-century classroom leverages technology to engage and empower teachers and students. To understand how close we are to that goal, CDW-G surveyed more than 1,000 high school students, high school faculty and district IT staff members from around the country – representing rural, suburban and urban schools of all sizes – about how technology is used in their schools.

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