Top Web 2.0 Tools for Learning

Web 2.0 tools have a lot of importance when we consider collaborative learning methods. Web 2.0 tools are useful for effective learning and finding better results with less effort. Here are the top 10 web 2.0 tools for learning.

Through wikis, we are able to learn everything that reached the human’s hand. It is a powerful tool to create a useful content to share it with fewer efforts. You can embed any kind of content to wikis and hence the learning becomes easy and special. Take a look at Wikispaces for some great examples.

With a large number of blogs around the web, we are able to know everything in this world. Also, there is a possibility to meet a large community through blogs if you wish. Edublogs, based on WordPress, is one of the largest networks of educational blogs used by teachers and students. Highly recommended.

Empressr is an effective tool that allows you to upload images, videos, music, and audio to make a final video. The video can be shared publicly to reach a large amount of audience. Students and teachers can make use of this to make study materials, presentations etc.

Animoto is a video presentation maker that allows you to create your own videos with images and caption effects. Students and teachers can experience the free service for creating unlimited videos for class seminars and presentations. Also, they offer a paid service.

As the name seems different, its services are special. Kerpoof is a website which will be useful for businessmen and students to draw graphics, create animations and movies. Kerpoof’s easily manageable tools will help you to draw whatever is in your mind. You may save or convert the output according to your needs.

It is an online tool which is being used by a lot of schools and colleges worldwide. Through Voicethread, you are able to upload your images and videos to add text, audio comments later. It will be a great experience to create study materials yourself through Voicethread.

Glogster EDU
It is another online tool that allows teachers and students to create and use virtual classrooms and tutoring materials such as presentations. Classrooms are called as Glogs. Students will have the ability to express and share their skills, creativity, and knowledge through their blogs.

Skype is a familiar service to all of us. Skype offers free voice and video calling with other Skype users around the world. It helps us to conduct virtual classrooms sitting at home! Skype is mostly being used by professionals, students, and teachers.

It is a good online tool which allows us to draw graphs such as Bar, Line, Pie, Area and XY graphs. This tool will be useful for students and researchers to summarize their data. Totally millions of graphs are already created by the users on this site till the date.

Are you having some difficulties to pronounce something? Let the Voki clear your vocal problems. Voki is a text to speech converter which is able to generate the speech of text you entered. You can create your own avatar and add voice to it. Finally, you may include it in your website or blog.

Web 2.0 tools are the sophisticated learning tools available today for students and teachers. Most of the web 2.0 tools are available for free of cost and there is no country restriction to use these valuable tools.

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Updated: July 20, 2018 — 9:01 am

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