Top Tools for a Free Online Education

The online platform supports education in many ways. There are so many online learning resources, most of which are free. However, online education, unlike physical education demands a lot. If it’s not well planned and executed, it can become overwhelming, chaotic and definitely wasteful. There are, however, many free online education tools that are free to ease these potential problems. Here are some of them.

Useful Tools for Online Education

When you are learning online, organization and arrangement can be quite a problem. You could also feel challenged by writing problems, lack of connections and support, ineffective learning methods and plagiarism. The following free tools can help you save yourself from these problems.

1. Plagiarism checker

Useful Tools for Online Education

Top Tools for a Free Online Education

Plagiarizing work online can have dire consequences. It can distort the credibility of the whole education experience, assignments, and original thought process. With the plagiarism checker tool, you can easily check for plagiarized parts in an assignment. This will not only help you think originally but will increase credibility for your work and assignments. This ensures you achieve proficient and full marks on them

2. Evernote

Useful Tools for Online Education

This is a great education tool that allows you to capture brilliant ideas, recordings, and photos. You can actually store and use the account on anything you want. It’s an essential lesson planning tool. The benefits are that you can actually use it anywhere and on the move.

3. Apple iPad

Of course, almost everyone has one of these nowadays. It doesn’t have to be an Apple product if you detest them. Any tablet can easily help you get educated because of the App support there. Nowadays education has become so portable, and there are millions of education Apps to help you get there. And tablets provide a greater user experience for you.

4. SlideShare

Useful Tools for Online Education

This is an amazing online tool where you can find so many presentations and lecture notes. It does not only help you to use other students’ works and presentations, but it also allows you to share with others as well. This ensures that you have a regular study schedule and therefore, more success.

5. Diigo

Useful Tools for Online Education

This is a tool that allows you to view the web-based published material as paper-based reading material. This is something every student would love. You can actually use it to highlight relevant text, bookmark pieces and take notes. It can even help you add sticky notes into the mix. This makes the entire online education experience rich and stimulating.

Online Learning Tools for Online Education

It also helps to have a sizeable number of online, open source lectures to help you learn. There are many of them presently, and you can take advantage of them. The following are just some of the popular online lecture sources you can use to enhance your study. The list is endless, but if you search for these online, they can prove extremely helpful.

  1. Sharing and Collaborating platforms: Google for EducatorsWiZiQK12EdCom.orgApple in Education, and Connexions, etc.
  2. Open Courseware Search Engines: OER CommonsOpen CourseWare Consortium, and Creative Commons. These platforms allow you to search for specific academic information and can help with your online education.
  3. Open Courseware: These include services offered by Open UWHarvard Medical School Open Courseware Initiative and Open Yale Courses among others.
  4. Online LecturesHarvard@HomeVideoLectures.netTEDMIT WorldPrinceton University WebMediaLearnersTV and Free Science Videos and Lectures. These platforms offer video lectures from leading universities and can be a powerful tool to help you with your education.

When it comes to lectures, there are so many sources online. Remember, choose only accredited sources that are credible for fulfillment, as well.

Learning Tools

There are also numerous learning tools online. These are tools that can make your lessons more fun, engaging and effective. The following are just a few; more of them exist.

  1. StudySync: This is a learning tool that helps you access a digital library, conducts weekly writing practice, peer reviews, and online writing. These are essential in making your study more effective and rich.
  2. FunBrain: This is a tool that has all those brain teasers you need so much for academic advancement.
  3. Khan Academy: This tool has many quizzes that can help you supplement your lectures and practice. It’s popular and used by so many people.

Overall, online learning is challenging. However, if you look for materials that will help you access information, organize it and use it effectively to pass exams; you have won half the race. The rest is hard work, and it will help you excel.

Updated: July 20, 2018 — 9:34 am

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