Top-Ten Technology-Related Teaching and Learning Issues According to EDUCAUSE

Top-Ten Teaching and Learning Issues, 2007 by John P. Campbell, Diana G. Oblinger, and Colleagues, Educause Quarterly, vol. 30 (3), 2007. ‘Creating a culture of evidence tops the list of important issues as the academic technology profession moves to an “Instruction 2.0” world.
The EDUCAUSE Advisory Committee for Teaching and Learning (ACTL) has identified the key technology-related teaching and learning issues in higher education for 2007. This is a particularly important time for the academic technology/instructional design profession, which is moving beyond the formative stages. In surveying themes and issues this year, ACTL believes that we are moving toward “Instruction 2.0.” Just as emerging Web 2.0 technologies are clearly reshaping the Web and online media, innovations in instructional practice and academic technology are now clearly moving higher education in new directions.’

Top-Ten Technology-Related Teaching and Learning Issues According to EDUCAUSE

EDUCAUSE Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning. ‘This committee is designed to bring leading-edge, visionary thinking about higher education teaching and learning issues into the EDUCAUSE program by (1) providing insight into scalable, sustainable, enterprise-wide approaches to the implementation of new learning environments, and (2) suggesting and, where possible, developing activities to carry this goal forward. These activities might include but are not limited to identifying model processes, building communities of practitioners, and contributing to structures for communicating related issues.’

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