Top Seven Android Apps for Online Learning

Android smartphones can run many different apps that can be incredibly helpful if you are currently taking courses online. For example, some of these apps can help you learn and remember the material necessary to earn good grades, some can help you stay organized and on track and others can help with daily tasks like document scanning. You will be much more efficient and will be able to get more work done in a shorter period of time if you install a few of these helpful apps on your Android phone.

Apps to Help with Learning

Formulas Lite – This is a very helpful Android app for those students taking courses in mathematics, chemistry or physics – a category that typically includes all students at some point. This app can be considered a substitute for a scientific calculator, eliminating the need for a separate device. Best of all, it is available for free.

FactBook – This Android app can locate geographical facts in an instant. You can use it to find out information like national populations, geographic terrain details, the gross domestic product of a country and virtually every imaginable statistic for a particular location. This is also a free app.

Wikipedia – This free app can help you find reliable information on any subject. It is convenient to use and is very highly rated for encyclopedia apps. It can connect you to over 20 million articles full of valuable information. Of course, Wikipedia is often not accepted as an academic source, but it can be an excellent way to find academic sources.

Apps for Practical Storage

Catch Notes – This is a very helpful app for college students who want to create study notes, especially with voice or photo options. It allows you to save notes as fast as you create them, ensuring that important thoughts or study reminders are not forgotten. The app is available for free.

Dropbox – If you tend to spread files you need for classes across multiple devices, this app will be invaluable. The app allows you to store these files in the cloud, letting you access them later from any location on any device. As long as you have an internet connection or cell phone signal, you will be able to reach all your important files. This Android app comes with 500 MB of free storage for college students, with no charge for the app itself.

Apps for Tasking and Organization

Document Scanner – One of the most helpful task apps on the market today for Android users, this app allows you to scan a document and convert it into a single PDF file. Any number of pages can be scanned. This app is especially convenient when you do not have access to a scanner or fax machine but still need to be able to submit an assignment on time. It costs $3.98, with a free trial available.

Touch Calendar – Finally, this is one of the best Android apps for staying organized. The app features a very clean design with a traditional grid style. It is extremely easy to use, with intuitive scrolling and straightforward navigation features. Tasks, like adding new events and setting reminders for important deadlines, are a breeze with the “Touch Calendar” app for Android. It costs $2.45 after the free trial.

As an online student, you are sure to have a hectic daily schedule. Android applications that can help you be faster, more productive and better organized are definitely worth the investment. Students today rely on their Android phones more than ever. Now by downloading and using these helpful apps, you can be much more effective as a student and can help yourself earn better grades and reach your educational goals.

Author InfoGuest post contributed by Sarah Rawson. Sarah is studying for her Masters of Health Administration online and in her spare time, she enjoys writing articles as a freelancer. Her articles appear on various health blogs.

Updated: July 20, 2018 — 9:20 am

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