Top 8 Free Online Coding Schools

Who said you had to take specific courses at college and university to learn how to code? Programming languages are no longer linked to class attendance and high fees. Free online coding schools are taking the world by storm. If you are building your own site or you simply want to learn a valuable new skill, then there should be no obstacles for you to work towards that goal.

If you have potential, you should grab the chance and start learning how to code. In the continuation, you will find a list of top 8 online coding schools that don’t require payment.

1. Udemy
When online courses are on the agenda, Udemy is an inevitable mention. When you start searching through the website, you might be repulsed by the expensive courses, which can cost several hundreds of dollars. Don’t bounce off too soon, since Udemy also offers free coding courses that can help you upgrade your set of skills.

Top 8 Free Online Coding Schools

These are some of the high-quality courses that are provided free of charge: Java Programming for Beginners, Java Programming for Mobile Developers, CNC Programming with G Code for Beginners, Introduction to PHP Programming Language, and more. If you are looking for the best place to start learning, Udemy is definitely an option.

2. Tuts+ Free Code Tutorials
The coding courses at this website require payment, but there are elaborate tutorials that you can access for free. Start exploring the Web Development, WordPress and Mobile Development sections of the website, depending on your interests. If you subscribe to the email newsletter, you will start receiving weekly updates on new Code courses and free tutorials.

Tuts Free Code Tutorials

A free account at this website gives you access to 29 free full-length courses. In addition, you will receive weekly topic summaries for the tutorials published at the website, and you’ll get a chance to benefit from special offers.

3. Codecademy
When you first enter Codecademy’s website, you might be confused by the clean design and sign up form. It looks like a website that would require payment, doesn’t it? Don’t worry; Codecademy is completely free! The interactive courses will motivate you to learn more productively. Depending on your interest, you can start the mission with one of the following categories: Make a Website, Learn Rails, Make an Interactive Website, Ruby on Rails Authentication, Learn AngularJS, JavaScript, Python, HTML & CSS, and more.


Each lesson comes with a panel that explains the necessary code. Another panel enables you to start practicing – you can write a code and then check if you got it right. The instruction and code panels will warn you about the errors, but the website will also provide hints for solutions.

4. Hack Design
When you become part of this website, you will start receiving a design lesson in your inbox each week. Thus, you will be able to learn at your own pace. The courses provided by this website are collections of aggregated content, which includes tutorials, videos, and articles curated by established designers.

Hack Design

If you don’t know where to start, then you should definitely subscribe to Hack Design, which can serve as an awesome catalogue of design resources, regardless of your level. The recommendations will help you learn more about the aspects of design you are interested in.

5. Code Avengers
This website will make you fall in love with coding all over again. Although it started small, it now offers 100 hours of courses with 1000+ coding tasks. Intermediate and advanced levels require low payments, but the basics of each course are available for free. The courses are designed with the purpose to make programming fun for all ages. The materials are provided with step-by-step instructions in simple language that will enable you to obtain practical skills and start building real apps and websites.

Code Avengers

These are the courses you can start for free: Build Professional Websites (HTML5 + CSS3), Learn to Code (Python 3), and Build Apps & Games (Javascript). The code challenges, videos and quizzes will help you test your knowledge and develop a solid foundation for future advancement.

6. Khan Academy
Thanks to Khan Academy, you can learn anything for free. Coding is not an exception; you just need to enter a keyword in the search bar, and you’ll get access to relevant resources. Since you will hear someone explaining the code that’s being written, the lessons will be more approachable, especially if you are a beginner.

Khan Academy

The website also offers mini quizzes that will help you track your progress and reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Remember: no one starts off writing amazing video games for the first program. You have to start from the basics, and Khan Academy provides the right resources for that purpose.

7. CoderMania
This is another website that teaches you how to code through interactive lessons and exercises. What makes it different? There are study groups, just like in a real class. You can decide to join HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Web Development study groups.

Coder Mania

Each lesson comes with theory and assignment, The Ultimate Guide for Web Developer provides a clear curriculum that includes all information you need to know. CoderMania was inspired by Codecademy, which is considered to be one of the best resources for learning to program. However, this website adds the missing link: a human factor. If you get stuck somewhere along the way, you can contact the teachers and other students at CoderMania.

8. HTML5 Rocks
This Google project is an important resource for everyone who tries to learn coding online. When you have access to content provided by Google pro contributors, any goal is possible to achieve. Keep in mind that the resource guides, slide decks and updates are written in higher-level language, so this might not be the learning destination to start with. However, bookmark the website for further usage, since it will definitely boost your ambitions.

HTML5 Rocks

These are some of the tutorials you can access for free: Built-in Browser Support for Responsive Images, User TIming API: Understanding your Web App, Chrome DevTools for Mobile: Screencast and Emulation, Image Compression for Web Developers, and much more.