Top 10 Recent Educational Startups

It is a fact that Digital Revolution has affected every aspect of our lives from learning, working methods, communication and our shopping modes. One of the live components undergoing remarkable digital transformation presently is Education. There is a lot of potential growth for education technology market and in the past decade, investment startups in this sector have tripled.

Education technology inventions are outstandingly changing in the way students associate with their professors and with each other and the whole learning process as well. Here are the listed and described details of the best educational startups which has transformed the study routines of students and raised them to a more fruitful level.

1. Writinghouse
Students, teachers and tutors love this online tool which makes the academic writing process simpler by allowing its users immediately enact the required referencing format. It is very easy to use aside from supporting APA, Chicago and MLA referencing styles. The students are needed to select the required style and type of document, a simple form fill-in, click on ‘add’ and download the document which is properly formatted.

2. SmarterCookie
This online tool was purposely created to support teachers more frequently and usefully. It allows educators to upload time-stamped videos to share useful feedback with other teachers. All the produced videos are private and the users can select who can obtain and assess them with a time-stamped feedback.

3. TutorsClass
It is an online tutoring platform for both students and teachers which offer an advanced scheduling system, a dashboard and other features as well. Despite its low popularity presently, it has great future perspectives and is becoming commonly accessed.

4. Help.Plagtracker
It is a platform that was created for a large audience selection. It can be accessed by students, professors, bloggers, webmasters, content managers etc. Its entire algorithm which aids in the effective texts-check is its most outstanding advantage.

5. Barnes & Noble, Microsoft and Pearson partnership
This new partnership dabbed the ‘online education dream team’ was recently announced by analysts. The results of this combination and its influence on online education hasn’t yet been seen but it I said that NOOK will probably become a huge part of e-readers’ community.

6. Learnist
This is an educational project launched by Grockit as a website for learning based on Pinterest’s similar features. It allows teachers to discover and share educational content on their individual Learning Boards. Both educators and students can use varied sources from which they can share content including YouTube and Google Docs. The all-in-one board results are captivating which motivates students to learn additional things.

7. LearnSprout
It proved a daunting task to pull data from student information systems for tech application developers and also integrating student information systems with other technologies. LearnSprout has the potential to change that. It is now possible to access students’ performance data and engagement and interpreting it by using this online tool.

8. Blackboard
Several institutions worldwide use the learning and educational software provided by Blackboard. Government organizations, institutions for higher education with learning management systems and corporations all recognize this online tool.

9. 2U
This online tool was previously known as 2tor. Over the last few years, it has attracted a splendid investment amount. Universities partner with this tool for creation, management and advertisement of their degree programs online. So far, projects have attained great success and more is expected in years to come.

10. Echo360
This is one of the year’s most popular startups. University of Australia partnered with this project whose specialty is creating simple solutions that issue outcome and engagement results. This online tool allows students to learn with more inspiration by combining various learning techniques into a digital learning environment that’s effective. This software can be used by educational institutions to capture professors’ lectures and share them with other students. This way, students who miss out on lectures can view the video and catch up hence the most effective way of gaining important information.

Although most consider Digital Revolution as a great distraction from learning processes, it can be used as the most functional teaching and learning enhancements in education. Students can run their own learning and connect with teachers anytime, anywhere thanks to online tool advancements. The online digitization process cannot be stopped. Several great startups have been witnessed and are yet to see the peak of diligent learning by online tools.