Top 10 Benefits of E-Learning Adoption for Schools

While many schools have begun adopting more online learning programs and are offering a wider range of online courses and tools, there are many out there still wary about the implications of online education.  Schools like South University are offering both physical, in-class learning options as well as E-learning options that open the doors for a much larger number of students.  And for those of us who have personally benefitted from various facets of online education, we already know how much of a blessing it can really be.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the biggest benefits of online learning; it’s our hope that more schools will give greater consideration to offering online options that can benefit an entirely new range of students in the future.

The geographical boundaries associated with physical locations are virtually wiped out with online learning.  Students can access content from anywhere around the world at any time with the latest wireless technology.  As more and more developing countries gain cheaper access to these technologies, online learning becomes more accessible as well.

Top 10 Benefits of E-Learning Adoption for Schools

Physical Space
E-learning undoubtedly decreases the physical space required to house students and offers the unique advantage of learning from the comfort of one’s own home.

Degree Management
E-learning affords students the unique ability to manage their own course load and work toward getting their degree at their own pace.  There are also a number of great online resources like Degree Scout to help find online schools and aid in the degree decision process.

With many great new communication technologies emerging E-learning is increasingly engaging.  Students can exchange ideas easier via live chats, video or audio conferencing, and by various modes of document sharing.

Live Feeds
Live reporting allows learners to get feedback from instructors and have one on one communication very rapidly and easily, letting them know where they stand academically and what they can improve on.

Less Learning Curve
With learners online going at their own pace and being able to review material when they want and as frequently as they want, learning curves will be significantly reduced.

Teacher Freedom
As a teacher, online learning offers the ability to teach multiple courses at the same time.  Professors can become more resourceful and helpful without spending so much time traveling to and from a physical classroom.

Materials can easily be reused and updated quickly online.  With the click of a few buttons, content can be virtually updated and instantaneously revamped.

E-learning is much more cost-effective than in-class learning on account of lower delivery costs of training, fast grading, reduced prep time for materials, and eliminated travel and housing expenses.

It’s no surprise that with much less travel, and virtually no paper or printing costs, online education is a very environmentally friendly enterprise.

These are just some of the many reasons why implementing online courses or teaching methods could be a good fit for any teacher or institution.  While we’re certainly not recommending that E-learning take over your entire existing physical education systems, utilizing or implemented hybrid systems with online education may be a great consideration and benefit to you.  Online learning can allow you to keep your current student base, while simultaneously expanding your reach, students’ reach, and attract new students from around the world all the same.

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Updated: July 20, 2018 — 8:23 am

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