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There are millions of men and women going through breakups and other relationship problems. No matter how many problems you have with your relationship, breakups are the worst of all. Well, almost all of us must have experienced this bitter phase in our life… The phase of losing someone too close to us. Brad Browning comes up with ‘The Ex Factor’ that helps people get their ex back!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking and I thought the same when I first read about it. You’re skeptical about this, aren’t you?

There’s so much garbage being sold on the internet these days, that it is very normal to be skeptical at first. But let me tell you how this is better than other programs.


Brad offers ‘The Ex Factor Guide to get your girlfriend back’ and ‘The Ex Factor Guide to get your boyfriend back’ in his ebook – ‘THE EX FACTOR GUIDE’. Before you purchase these guides, let me ask you three questions.


If you’ve answered these questions positively, then this is just the program you need. Brad has done all the hard part in this program. He has researched about the science behind breakups and he says that there are certain hormones released in a man’s and a woman’s mind during a relationship and right before breaking up. These hormones, such as oxytocin, are responsible for the behaviour of our partners. There are certain hormones that trigger the sexual arousal, romantic behaviour and the ultimate love in humans. On understanding how you can activate these hormones or deactivate the bad hormones, you can take complete control of your lost relationship.

Brad Browning is so experienced and has mended so many relationships from the past few years, that there is no chance his techniques could ever go wrong.

A few of his tips include:

  • Recovery, rekindling and re-attraction
  • He teaches how you can get him/her to think about the good old days and refresh his memories about the days when you two were happy together.
  • How ignorance can be an attraction builder for him/her.
  • How you can make him/her forget about every other girl/guy he has met and start thinking about you.
  • How the word ‘sorry’ should completely be erased when you’re talking to your ex.
  • How you can take some crucial steps to make him/her contact you again.
  • The one tip that you cannot absolutely do for 30 days after you broke up. (If you don’t follow this, you’ll lose him/her forever.)


Just to give you some motivation, let me show you what the users have said about this program.

“I don’t usually send feedback when I buy something, but your program is definitely an exception. I learned a lot of important lessons that not only rebuilt the trust and love between me and my girlfriend but also made me a better lover. Many thanks!”

“Brad, your advice literally turned my situation upside down… I was really messing things up with my ex-husband David before I took the plunge and bought your book and started following your advice. Thanks so much for writing it!”

Sounds good, right? I’m sure you’ll send Brad a letter too to thank him for his program. Not only Brad but even I’m sure that it works well.


If you’re someone who loves the best quality something and that too with a huge discount, then I must say, this is it! Can you tell me how much you’d pay to get your ex back? Especially if he/she is just the one you need for a lifetime… I assume you’d pay thousands of dollars to make everything alright. Also, the counsellors and the relationship experts charge a lot these days.

However, Brad offers a huge discount at the moment. The real value of this product is $344.90. However, he offers a huge discount and so you just have to make a one-time payment of $47, you can unlock this brilliant program for yourself. Just imagine how great this is! You can simply utilize the tricks, tips and techniques from this guide and use it for your entire life and you’ve to pay only once for this. That too $47 ONLY!

What’s more? Brad offers a 60-day money back guarantee for the people who want to make sure that their investment is safe. If you don’t like the product, you can contact the customer service and get it refunded at the earliest. He offers a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

You get following on placing your order:

  • 160-Page Interactive Ebook
  • 5-Hour Pro Audio Course
  • 3-Part Pro Video Series
  • How To Read A Man/Woman (Ebook)
  • Why Men/Women Pull Away (Ebook)
  • Flawless Fat Loss Guide (Ebook)

Well, the only con I see is that it is a digital product and a few people might not have an internet access to access the information.

Overall, I am in love with how Brad has been mending so many relationships in his life. I mean, man! That’s a lot of good work! Get yourself ‘The Ex Factor Guide’ and see how your life changes.

Updated: August 14, 2018 — 8:33 am

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