Ten Educational Games That Kids Love and So Will You

Chances are if you’re a parent the games you played with when you were a kid are a far cry from the digital games that today’s children play. So without personal history of games to draw on, how do you find games that are good for your children? The fact of the matter is the entire landscape of games that children like has changed fortunately for parents there are a number of games that children actually like to play that will slip in a bit of education along the way. The following are ten educational games that children love to play.

Math Ninja
For some reason, kids love Ninjas so much they don’t mind overlooking the fact that the game has the word math in its title. The game features a number of ninja themed multiplication, addition and subtraction games that will keep your child distracted by Ninjas while they actually learn valuable math skills.

Stack the Countries
This geography skill set building game along with its colorful interface allows children to stack countries while they learn about cities, country capitals and other geographic goodies. The goal is to carefully stack countries on top of each other while engaging answering a series of questions about the countries.

Sometimes it seems like the more things change the more they stay the same at least when it comes to kids playing hangman. This digital version of the classic game builds spelling skills while pulling news items directly from daily headlines. This arrangement offers children fresh challenges each time they play it which keeps the good old hangman as popular as ever.

Mad Libs
Mad Libs will delight the budding Shakespeare in your home helping you children build valuable reading cognition skills. Children learn about different parts of speech while constructing a fun and silly story that everyone can enjoy. Encourages quality bonding time with your children when you read their stories.

LEGO Super Heroes Movie Maker
Why encourage the kids to be the next Shakespeare when they can be the next Spielberg? They might not be either one of these creative geniuses’ but they can explore their own creative processes while making their own mini movies featuring Lego like superheroes from the pages of DC comics. The app provides quality editing, scoring and filming features that provides hours of entertainment.

If you head over to PBS Kids you’ll find a treasure trove of educational games that kids just love. PBS has been the gold standard for entertaining and educational programming for quite some time so who would know how to better craft educational games? They certainly are doing a great job keeping the tradition alive over at http://pbskids.org/mobile/. Go there, check it out and enjoy.

The Oregon Trail
Children can indulge their urge for great adventure from the safety of the home while learning about this rich period of American history. Created for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, school and home editions, as well as a mobile app, kids can immerse themselves in our pioneering past.