SREB: Checklist for Evaluating Online Courses

SREB (Southern Regional Education Board): Checklist for Evaluating Online Courses: Evaluation is key to ensuring that online courses provide students with access to quality instruction and resources. With sections on content, instructional design, student assessment, and technology, this checklist is based on the SREB report Standards for Quality Online Courses and is designed to assist states and schools in determining the quality and effectiveness of online courses.

SREB: Checklist for Evaluating Online Courses

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SREB Educational Technology Cooperative: The SREB Educational Technology Cooperative, comprised of state higher education and K-12 coordinating and governing boards, focuses on ways to help state leaders create and expand effective uses of technology in schools and colleges. This unique, multistate cooperative represents more than 3,300 school districts and nearly 800 colleges and universities in the 16 SREB states. It monitors and reports on a wide array of educational technology topics and works with states to use technology wisely. As schools and colleges implement and use technology, they need to see the connection between technology and higher student achievement.

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 6:38 am

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