Schools + Web 2.0 + Open Technologies = Education 2.0

Education 2.0: The next evolution of school software has arrived: Emergence of open technologies and open-source alternatives makes customizing school software a reality. ‘Aiming to customize their solutions to meet the individual needs of teachers and students, a growing number of school systems are ushering in a new breed of school software that relies on open technologies – whether it’s open-source software on their servers and desktops, or so-called Web 2.0 services available free of charge online. Economics and advancements in technology are fueling this latest trend in school software, proponents of the movement say – but it’s also about customization, and the desire to employ a variety of solutions as users see fit.’

Schools + Web 2.0 + Open Technologies = Education 2.0

Open technology options for schools. ‘There are hundreds of open applications that schools can use for everything from productivity tools to course management; here are some of the most popular options.’


Updated: July 24, 2018 — 8:34 am

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