Review: Online Degrees Today

Online Degrees Today started as a portal built for prospective students looking for relevant information about online degrees. Nowadays, despite the name, Online Degrees Today is much more: it’s at the same time a directory of Online and Campus-based academic institutions (presently with 248 schools and 21373 online degrees) and a knowledge base of educational materials.

In this well designed and pleasant site, we can find everything we should expect to find in a site like this. The front page has a lot of content with some appealing sections like Featured Online Schools, Top Five Links, Degree of the Day, Popular Degrees, Popular Articles, and Polls. The directory of academic institutions works perfectly well. We can browse or search by area of study or type of degree (certificates, diploma, bachelors, masters, MBA, PhD, etc.), find schools by state or city or schools for international students.

Review: Online Degrees Today

I’ve tested the search engine looking for an online MBA and the results were very satisfactory. Online Degrees Today has a lot of choices for an MBA in different institutions and I’ve found sufficient preliminary information for each of them to decide. After choosing the school, following a More Info link, the potential student is directed to the Institution’s page (inside Online Degrees Today site) where he can get more information about that particular school by filling a form. In my case, everything went well.

What I liked most about Online Degrees Today was the repository of educational materials. Here we can find an Online Library with free e-books on subjects like college writing, test prep, job-seeking, and self-improvement, advice (and links to) on College Scholarship Programs, a very useful Test Prep Guide and many others Knowledge Centers on several topics. Sometimes it’s not easy to retrieve all this information. I have used the Sitemap but I believe Online Degrees Today would benefit a lot with an internal search engine that is missing.

Browsing the Sitemap we can find some interesting articles like 5 Success Strategies for Distance Learners and some more unusual like the 101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers list. For students, probably trying to balance the multiple demands of school, work and family, I definitely would also recommend David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. After that, the students should be ready to start looking for The Best Places to Get Rich…

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Updated: July 24, 2018 — 5:01 am

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