Reshaping Education: Universities Preparing For Next Stage

There have been some mega changes that are made in switching education to the next level. And not just that, more awareness among the students has been brought by the top universities around the globe. Recently, a year old organization named Coursera has decided to disclose their planning of bringing the major universities of research to joining the venture. Coursera was founded by the two computer scientists of the Stanford University and they are trying to bring the revolution in the education industry by making such a great effort.

It will be offering more than a hundred online courses to students across the world including the adult learners who are growing in the figure of million every quarter. The two computer scientists from the Stanford University, they told the Reuters that they registered more than 650,000 students from around the world in more than 40 courses online through the assistance of the official partners including Michigan State University, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University.

Reshaping Education: Universities Preparing For Next Stage

Planning Ahead
Coursera is now planning ahead of growing the list of genuine partners with a few more renowned universities like Duke University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Rice University, University of Illinois and more. There have been debates on promoting online education on different forums by these educationists around the globe. Bringing together the research universities to help facilitate the education for all concept is just an amazing part. This is going to be like a game-changer for most of us as technology is consistently advancing in all the aspects of our life.

Previously, Coursera only offered limited courses like math, computer science, engineering and etc. But now since this new update went viral on the web, they have decided to stretch out the area of studies for students and are now going to offer courses for poetry and history.

The drawback of Kick Starting This Project
Online education is no doubt a great advancement in the education industry but we should look at both the sides of the picture. At one side it’s giving a very positive impact whereas on the other side i.e. the employees working for such institutes, they are most probably going to face a hard time with it. Implementation of such technology is going to take away the jobs from the faculty, the overall figure for employees around the globe in the respective educational institutes be it a college or a university. Their job positions are going to get irrelevant as their services won’t be needed one this gets completely in action.

The vitality of Human Interaction
Human interaction does play a significant role in the world of education and restricting it to a screen might take away its charm. There might not be anything which could be done to stop this from happening as the increasing number of online education enrollees is just another reason why they won’t see it give any negative impact on the cutting of the job figures.

I mean if you are trying to pursue your Master’s degree in Business Management, it might not fill the gap to learn about the experiences through the online education and this is where the human interaction has to be brought in attention, humans have their role to be played as well regardless of how effective and cost-beneficial the online education is or it gets.

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Updated: July 20, 2018 — 6:08 am

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