QuestGarden: Where Webquests Grow…

QuestGarden is an online authoring tool, community and hosting service that is designed to make it easier and quicker to create a high quality WebQuest. No knowledge of web editing or uploading is required. Prompts, guides, and examples are provided for each step of the process. Images, worksheets, and other documents can easily be attached or embedded in the WebQuest, and users have complete control over the appearance of the final lesson. QuestGarden is modeled after a community garden with all the resources needed to bring great WebQuests to life. Users are encouraged to comment on each others’ work, to share links and images, and to build new WebQuests on existing ones.’

QuestGarden: Where Webquests Grow…

SDSU WebQuest Search Page. ‘Since 1996, San Diego State University has maintained a database of example WebQuests. This database is kept up to date and weeded out when a link goes bad (as volunteer time permits). As of this writing, the database contains over 2500 WebQuests. You can search for any string of characters in the Title, Description, Author name or URL.’

WebQuest Portal. ‘News and views about the WebQuest model, a constructivist lesson format used widely around the world.’

The WebQuest Page at San Diego State University

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