Pedagogical Podcasting or Podagogy. ‘Educators involved in eLearning are rediscovering the power of the spoken word by utilizing new technologies to communicate with students outside the traditional classroom. Podcasting is a new medium that enables you to easily incorporate on-demand audio recordings into your curriculum.’

PROLEARN: Professional Learning Programme

podcasting @ the University of Wisconsin – Madison. ‘This site contains information on podcasting: what it is, how to use it in teaching and learning, samples and how to create and deliver podcasts.’

Podagogy – Where podcasting meets teaching & learning


WLV – Podagogy. ‘Key members of the university’s performing arts staff are currently involved in a cutting-edge technology project, Podagogy, that focuses on the use of iPods and related software to support students in all performing arts disciplines.’

Informal Mobile Podcasting And Learning Adaptation – IMPALA. ‘IMPALA investigates the impact of Podcasting on student learning and how the beneficial effects can positively be enhanced. IMPALA is funded by the Higher Education Academy under its eLearning research strand of student learning experience.’

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