Plagiarism in e-Learning

Plagiarism in e-learning systems: Identifying and solving the problem for practical assignments. ‘This article will show that electronic corruption is a problem in e-learning systems where practical submissions are used. There is a difference between the electronic corruption of gaining entry into the e-learning system and changing marks (data integrity) and submission integrity. Electronic corruption is any means whereby a student, malicious person or program changes information on the server or where one student helps another student in such a way that the student that received help did not do a test or assignment himself/herself. This paper will discuss submission integrity. Practical submissions can be given to be completed in one of two ways that are supervised or unsupervised. The integrity of the e-learning server’s submission system can be violated by electronic corruption if not checked during and/or after submissions have been made. Therefore this article discusses the extent and possible solutions that can limit electronic corruption in the submission system.’

Plagiarism in e-Learning

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Updated: July 25, 2018 — 4:48 am

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