Is an Online Technology Degree Right for You?

Online learning programs help busy individuals earn degrees. If you want to earn an online technology degree, but have other responsibilities such as a full-time job, an online education might be the easiest way for you to earn a degree. While there are many advantages to earning a technology degree through an online program, there are a few disadvantages you should keep in mind. Once you weigh the pros and cons, you will be able to know for sure whether or not an online technology degree is something you should pursue.

Flexible Schedule

One major advantage of online education is the flexibility. When you take a class online, you will be able to do your schoolwork and studying whenever you want. You will not have to go to campus at a certain time every day. A lot of people work in jobs that do not have set hours. This can make taking classes in a traditional setting difficult. Online classes are great for individuals with unpredictable schedules.


Another great feature of online learning is that it is generally more affordable than traditional degree programs. Online education is generally cheaper per credit hour than traditional universities. This is because online universities do not have as many overhead costs. Additionally, because you will not have to commute to class, you will save money on parking and gas.

Is an Online Technology Degree Right for You?

Self-Discipline Is Required

Although you do have the freedom when you take an online class to decide when you want to do your work, the work will eventually need to be done. If you are the type of person who needs a lot of hands-on guidance in order to get work done, you might benefit from a more traditional classroom environment. Online learning is best for independent self-starters. As long as you can stay organized and keep on top of deadlines, you should be successful in your online class.

Less Social than the Traditional Classroom Environment

If you are the type of person who enjoys the social aspect of classroom learning, you might feel isolated if you take online classes. However, even social individuals can enjoy the online learning environment once they master new ways of being social in the digital age. You can make connections with classmates through email messages and social networking sites.

Learn In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Another positive aspect of earning a technology degree online is that you do not need to leave your home in order to go to class. Many people learn better in their own home, where they can relax and digest course information at their own pace, without classroom distractions. While there are some drawbacks to online education, most online learning students find that the freedom of online classes more than makes up for any negative aspects.

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Updated: July 20, 2018 — 12:34 pm

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