Online Learning Technology – Contemplating the Prospects in Actual Learning

Technological advancement and communication development have made its way in the sectors of academics and profession simultaneously. Correspondence education or distance learning that has prevailed in the system of education for long achieved a new taste of success via the tech craze. Online Education became the buzzword of the generation in the tech-ridden society that has recorded big leaps in the face of the 21st century. Implementation of Online Learning Technology in the education world is the craze that is taking the world of education by storm in delivering education at every corner of the globe.

Wikipedia page on distance learning offers a complete view of the mode of learning reflection on its present evolution following the historical paths. For a comprehensive understanding, you can always refer to the link Wikipedia: Distance Learning.

Implementing Online Learning Technology has been one trend that is followed for a considerable time. Earlier the method was used for test preparations and computer-based learning. However, in the face of the 21st century, this has attained a new turn and is gaining a solid base in the environment of learning via distance and distance learning courses. Implementation of such technologies in offering the course programs makes way for a more personalized experience adapting the students with the resource materials required for skill development and performance enhancement.

Online Learning Technology – Contemplating the Prospects in Actual Learning

The growing interests in distance learning courses in the globalization age have been massive. With higher education becoming a farfetched dream for many – thanks to the rise or increasing costs, online education came across as a boon for the wide mass. Moreover, today’s professionals now enjoy an easy access to education and professional development via the road of Online Learning Technology. E-learning has become the base of online study and distance learning courses. Wikipedia offers a complete guide on e-learning and its uses over educational prospects at large. You can refer to the link Wikipedia: E-Learning for a detailed understanding of the subject.

The trend of online learning and the implementation of technological advancements over distance learning courses are on a slow but steady rise. As reports the Independent Student Newspaper of Kentucky University ‘The Northerner’, Online Learning Still on the Rise.

Well, the rise of the online education and implementation of Online Learning Technology can be attributed to the amalgamation of few factors. Firstly, the achievements in communication and technological advancements have been wide and exemplary. From voice-to voice text translators to tablets Pcs and iPads the reach is wide. This mode of learning and the implementation of technological advancements have created the ripple in the world of education, as it took education at all corners of the globe via successful integration of distance learning courses.

In recent news, Ohio’s Franciscan University of Steubenville has launched an online instruction distance learning course awarding a masters degree to facilitate the teachers in adapting to the technological implementation of such tools to deliver education better. You can find the report here: Schools Prepare Teachers to Engage in Online Education

However, the trend of implementation of Online learning Technology in distance learning courses is highly debated upon.

Huffington Post focusing on the subject has two reports published by Joel Shatzky, an English teacher by profession detailing on the prospects of Online Learning and the trend of implementing technological advancements in such form of learning. You will find the reports here: Educating for Democracy: Is “Online Learning” Learning? Part I and Part II.

With the issue being a debated upon, which side do you wish to take?

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