Online Doesn’t Always Mean Online: 4 Hybrid Subjects

Online classes are specifically designed for those who are pressed for time and seek the luxury of being able to “attend” classes whenever their schedule allows via the internet. This opens up a whole new world of opportunity for those that can’t go to a traditional college. But just because there are a plethora of online degree programs to choose from, doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily be able to conduct everything in cyberspace—there are certain unique “hybrid” programs (sometimes also called “blended learning”) that require an in-person component in order to fulfill degree requirements. That said, if you feel as though you won’t ever have the time to strip yourself away from the computer to earn your degree at least one point during your college career, then you should definitely not pursue the programs listed below.

Online Nursing, Physical Therapy & Vet Tech Programs
If you want to pursue a career in the medical industry but only want to do the course strictly online, then it’s your best bet is to pursue something more on the administrative side, like medical billing and coding. This is because if you want a career that will require in-person patient care, such as nursing or physical therapy, you’re going to need in-person patient training. It only makes sense. But most online programs don’t mandate this portion until the end of the program—so if you don’t have time the first year or so, you don’t need to worry about it right away. At the end of the program, however, students are sent to a designated hospital or facility to complete clinical hours. At this time students learn how to speak with patients, administer actual shots, work on muscles etc. Those pursuing a vet tech degree are also sent to practice treatment on actual animals.  If the school you’re considering enrolling in says you can earn your degree without getting any type of “hands-on” experience you should really investigate the school further—chances that it’s a fraudulent school is high.

Online Doesn’t Always Mean Online: 4 Hybrid Subjects

Online Chemistry & Other Hard Sciences Programs
No matter if you want to pursue an online degree in chemistry, biology, physical science or any of the other “hard” sciences, you’ll need to conduct labs and other experiments to fully grasp what you are learning. These experiments typically have to be monitored by a proctor since an inexperienced individual can really hurt him or herself—not to mention that the tools and equipment are generally inaccessible to the average public. Therefore, most science programs will require its online students to go to the school’s brick and mortar location or some other designated facility when labs come around. Labs typically happen as early as the first semester, so you need to make sure you have some time to complete them when scheduled.

Similar to hard science programs, no matter what specific engineering program you decide to take they too are also heavily focused on labs and experiments—after all, “engineering” isn’t something that only focuses on theoretical concepts.

Fashion/ Interior Design 
Last but certainly not least is fashion and interior design degrees. End of year assignments typically includes creating an ensemble from scratch or remodeling a room from the bottom up. Photos don’t suffice since the naked eye isn’t equipped to be able to identify quality by sight alone. Therefore, at some point, you’ll need to show off your work to a professor or some other trained professional.

Online courses are a great option for those who can attend a traditional school. Just make sure that it’s not a hybrid program if you can’t squeeze in some additional in-person time.

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