Online Course Tools at Virginia Tech

Effective Uses of Online Course Tools. ‘As new online tool suites such as WebCT and CourseInfo are introduced across campus, it is important to consider how the various tool features within these systems can be used to support teaching and learning (e.g., discussion boards, chat rooms, electronic groups). In a Fall 1999 Educational Technologies survey of CourseInfo users on campus, faculty requested such advice. This site represents one response to these requests. This website is designed to help Virginia Tech faculty effectively utilize online course tools in their classroom. The purpose for the site is not to train faculty how to use the mechanics of various computer tools. Educational Technologies’ Online Course Support team provides that service. Rather, this site provides examples of how online course tools can be used in the classroom to benefit learning.’

Online Course Tools at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech designSHOP – lessons in effective teaching.


  1. Web Interface Design. ‘Interface design encompasses three distinct, but related constructs–usability, visualization, and functionality (Vertelney, Arent, & Lieberman, 1990). Recently, the fourth component of interface design has emerged as a critical factor–accessibility. Interface design is most often associated with the development of Web pages, computer software, and multimedia, but is relevant to the creation of any instructional media or technical equipment.’
  2. Assessment. ‘Assessment is often equated and confused with evaluation, but the two concepts are different. Assessment is used to determine what a student knows or can do, while evaluation is used to determine the worth or value of a course or program. Assessment data effects student advancement, placement, and grades, as well as decisions about instructional strategies and curriculum (Herman & Knuth, 1991). Evaluations often utilize assessment data along with other resources to make decisions about revising, adopting, or rejecting a course or program.’
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