Odiogo: Convert Blog Entries into Podcasts

Odiogoâ„¢ announces the launch of a groundbreaking Web 2.0 application that enables text content providers to create new audio media in a snap. Blog entries are converted on the fly into high fidelity voice files ready to play on MP3 players, PDAs, phones, or laptop computers.

Odiogo – a play on “Audio To Go†– extracts blog posts or articles from member news sites and converts them to lightweight MP3 files in seconds. The files can be loaded to any mobile device, giving users anytime-anywhere access to their favorite web content.

Odiogo: Convert Blog Entries into Podcasts

How It Works: Odiogoâ„¢ Generates Podcasts of Text Content: Many news and blogs sites available on the Web today leverage the standard distribution format, RSS. Odiogo monitors its content partners’ feeds and automatically creates for each news item small audio files using cutting-edge text-to-speech technology. Unlike many of its predecessors, this new breed of artificial intelligence technology observes punctuation and more natural speech patterns to provide a high fidelity listening experience, which the company is continually fine-tuning.

Odiogo-enabling a content site requires minimal effort and bandwidth. The service is run from Odiogo’s data center, where the MP3 files are stored, and later downloaded to iPodsâ„¢ and other mobile devices, free of charge.

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 6:49 am

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