My View on EduLearn 2010

Last week I was in Barcelona participating in EduLearn 2010. The main objective of this conference is to promote and disseminate the experiences in new educational technologies and e-learning applied to Education in all fields and disciplines.

EduLearn 2010 was a gigantic conference with six parallel sessions. The conference main topics included some interesting issues like:

My View on EduLearn 2010

  • e-Learning (Blended Learning, Mobile Learning, Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), Managed Learning Environments (MLEs), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Online/Virtual Laboratories, eLearning Standards (SCORM), Online Assessment)
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Work (Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs), Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis, etc, Web 3D Applications and Virtual Reality)
  • Emerging Technologies in Education (Technology-Enhanced Learning, Web Classroom Applications, Mobile/Wireless Technologies)
  • Educational Software & Serious Games (Computer Software on Education, Educational/Serious Games, Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, Animation and 3D Systems, Videos for Learning)
  • E-content Management and Development (Knowledge Management, Digital Libraries, and Repositories, ePortfolios)
  • Experiences in Education (Educational Trends and Best Practice Contributions, Lifelong Learning, Curriculum Design and Development, Quality Assurance/Standards and Accreditation)
  • Pedagogical Innovations in Education (Learning and Teaching Methodologies, Evaluation and Assessment of Student Learning, New Learning/Teaching Models, Language Learning Innovations, Collaborative and Problem-based Learning, Tutoring and Coaching)
  • Experiences in Research (Academic Research Projects, Research Methodologies)
  • International Projects (New Experiences for the International Cooperation, University Networks, Exchange Programmes and Erasmus Experiences)

My first note is that EduLearn 2010 was very well organized. Everything went smoothly: registration, documentation, information to the participants, coffee breaks, lunches and conference rooms were close to perfection. Even the six parallel sessions’ schedule was almost fulfilled.

There were very interesting talks and discussions. I was more interested in the Technology in Education issues. Here, the most relevant trends, as far I could see, was virtual learning (Second Life and virtual laboratories), collaborative learning, connectivism, evaluation and online assessment, and lectures recording. Lecture recording was one of the strongest topics (I suppose I must start thinking about recording my lectures).

On the downsides, I expected to hear more about the use of Twitter, and other social networks, in Education (try to search, for instance, “learn” on twitter and see the results). Maybe I have missed some important talks on these subjects. One of the things that impressed me more was a large number of presenters that read the slides or their notes instead of making a real presentation. I would prefer a little less focus on technology and a little more on the message delivery style. In fifteen minutes that wouldn’t be difficult, I guess.

In short, EduLearn 2010 was a rich, fruitful and very well organized conference. I am willing to participate in EduLearn 2011. See you there.

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