MIT World: Relearning Learning – Applying the Long Tail to Learning

MIT World Webcast: Relearning Learning – Applying the Long Tail to Learning, by John Seely Brown. ‘In a digitally connected, rapidly evolving world, we must transcend the traditional Cartesian models of learning that prescribe “pouring knowledge into somebody’s head,†says John Seely Brown. We learn through our interactions with others and the world, he says, and there’s no more perfect medium for enabling this than an increasingly open and organized World Wide Web.

MIT World: Relearning Learning – Applying the Long Tail to Learning
While the wired world may be flat, it now also features “spikes,†interactive communities organized around a wealth of subjects. For kids growing up in a digital world, these unique web resources are becoming central to popular culture, notes Brown. Now, educators must begin to incorporate the features of mash-ups and remixes in learning, to stimulate “creative tinkering and the play of imagination.â€

Wikipedia: The Long Tail. ‘The phrase The Long Tail (as a proper noun with capitalized letters) was first coined by Chris Anderson in an October 2004 Wired magazine article to describe certain business and economic models such as or Netflix. The term long tail is also generally used in statistics, often applied in relation to wealth distributions or vocabulary use.’

Wired: The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. ‘Forget squeezing millions from a few megahits at the top of the charts. The future of entertainment is in the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream.’

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