mGBL – mobile Game-Based Learning at eLearning Papers

mGBL – mobile Game-Based Learning: perspectives and usage in learning and career guidance topics. ‘mGBL – mobile Game-Based Learning is a research project with the aim of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and guidance in the target group of young people through the development of innovative learning and guidance models based on mobile games. The project idea is based on the fact that mobile devices are currently increasingly widespread, and mobile phones, in particular, represent what young adults, with different levels of education and culture, have in common. Moreover, several research projects have shown the potential of game-based learning, and the project seeks to further exploit that potential by means of the pervasiveness of mobile technologies, by developing a new paradigm of m-learning usage and interaction with regard to the classic e-learning models.’

mGBL – mobile Game-Based Learning at eLearning Papers

eLearning Papers – a new online publication on e-learning. ‘In 2002, the portal was launched as a European Commission initiative to support education and training through all kinds of multimedia and technological tools. Since then, the portal has encouraged the use of high quality educational contents and dialogue and cooperation for the use of new technologies in the educational field.
A lot has happened since then, and new requirements and challenges have emerged in the areas of education and technology. Having promoted discussion among e-learning practitioners in Europe and gathered a large repository of e-learning contents, we are now launching a digital publication entitled eLearning Papers, an exclusive platform providing articles, interviews and good practices related to e-learning.

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