MegaTrends – Mega Providers of Online Education in Europe

MegaTrends in E-Learning Provision. ‘The specific aim of the MegaTrend project is to seek to identify the MegaTrends: what are the rules for achieving critical mass in e-learning; what are the rules for moving from a small scale fragile e-learning provider to a large scale permanent and successful e-learning institution.
The project’s aim is to enhance public knowledge on sustainable and cost-effective large-scale e-learning by analyzing the trends and contributions to the large-scale success and to identify laws and recommendations for success and failure in e-learning.’

MegaTrends – Mega Providers of Online Education in Europe

Nominated mega-providers. ‘The MegaTrend project has decided to apply concrete and measurable indicators of the critical mass required for a European Mega e-learning Provider. This involves the following four dimensions:

  • an e-learning system with more than 5000 enrolments per year or
  • an e-learning system with more than 100 courses on offer on any one time.
  • this project focuses only on distance learning situations, which means that courses should be included only if designed for and aimed at distance (off campus) students and at least 50 percent is normally provided as e-learning. The provision of some e-learning modules in forms of blended learning by face-to-face institutions for their on-campus students is not the focus of this project.
  • neither are the e-learning programmes offered by multinational corporations to their European employees (often from a base in the United States of America) a subject of this project.

Research is in progress to verify the information received from the nominated institutions. The institutions are sorted by the number of course enrollments in 2005.’

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 8:47 am

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