Learning to Create for the Web at Lynda.com

Perhaps one of the biggest online education success stories you’ll ever hear about is the story of Lynda.com. First off, Lynda was very much a self-starter in her own history of education; she was an individual who liked choosing her own path and paving her own way. And, unsurprisingly, Lynda.com extends this philosophy with their own online lesson offerings.

What They Offer

Lynda.com offers hundreds of videos on 3D rendering, animation, audio, business, design, software developing, home computing, photography, video production, and web and interactive media (with web and interactive media having the largest amount of videos, 261). So, if you couldn’t gather this already, their library of training videos is massive.

Learning to Create for the Web at Lynda.com

Splitting Up the Lessons

One of the most convenient features of Lynda.com (and what puts them ahead of most video tutorials you see online for free) is that the site segments it’s videos into distinct chapters. With most tutorial videos, you’re stuck with one gigantic hour-long video, having to search and seek some small video bar to find the parts of the video you actually need (which usually ends up only being five minutes of the entire video). And since the video is being streamed, this can sometimes mean having to reload when you navigate to different parts, which can really be a headache for people with slower connections.

Having videos segmented helps you find what you need when you need it. And of course, you can search for keywords in the video; this search function is actually extremely smart as it not only searches through chapter and section titles but also through transcripts of the lessons. So finding the information you actually need is quite easy.

How to Get Your Money’s Worth

With the lowest individual price at $25/month or $250/year, you could argue that Lynda.com comes with a pretty hefty price. Luckily, for students and educators, you are eligible for a discount. For students, I recommend signing up for Lynda.com video access for a couple months over the summer. This way, you’ll have lots of free time and will be able to learn a lot of material at a much lower price than paying for a whole year’s subscription.

I would only pay for a year-round subscription if you are heavily submerged in the web industry and need to constantly be updated on new software and techniques. If you think you’ll need the information on the site year-round, you should sign up. But for those just looking to learn new skills and improve their understanding of a certain web craft, a couple months of intense training should do the trick.

This guest contribution was submitted by Lenore Holditch, who specializes in writing about top online colleges. Questions and comments can be sent to hold pitch. lenore @ gmail.com.

Updated: July 20, 2018 — 12:31 pm

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