LearnCast Mobile Learning Grant

LearnCast to Award Educational Technology Grants to 50 Schools: Achieve Labs Inc., creator of LearnCast®, will supply their web-based mobile learning software to 50 schools for the purpose of creating mobile learning courses.

Achieve Labs™, the creator of LearnCast®, a mobile learning, and technology company, has announced a nationwide academic technology grant for K-12 schools and higher education institutions. Achieve Labs is supplying its web-based mobile learning software to 50 schools for the purpose of creating quality mobile content, to improve student engagement and better test scores.

LearnCast Mobile Learning Grant

The LearnCast® Mobile Learning Grant provides a single author license to 50 schools who meet the qualifications of the grant. Teachers will use the LearnCast publishing tools to create mobile content including lessons, topics, quizzes, exams, chat and polling along with online tools for measurement, performance, and reporting.

Once published, mobile content is delivered via the Apple® app store and other popular mobile app stores. Content is accessible by students via free downloads from the app stores as well as through SMS and email. Mobile devices, laptops, netbooks, and desktop computers can all view the mobile content.

All public and private schools who are interested in applying for the LearnCast® Mobile Grant are invited to apply online at the company’s website: www.LearnCast.com/grant. Schools who have met the basic qualifications of the grant will be notified by email and have instant access to the LearnCast® tools as defined by the program.

“LearnCast is a powerful educational tool geared toward today’s learner. Now, they can learn in the same manner in which they play,” says Jackie K, National Board Certified Biology Teacher.

Teachers are looking to inspire their students by using mobile technology, something most students use every day in and out of class. “Instead of fighting the natural adoption of student preferred technology such as mobile phones and mobile devices, we should be doing everything in our power to encourage learning, regardless of the delivery medium”, states Clemons.

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Updated: July 25, 2018 — 7:03 am

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