Language Trainers

Are you interested in learning Spanish or Italian? Recently, I’ve discovered Language Trainers and they offer not only Spanish and Italian Courses but also language courses in English, French, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Language Trainers are specialists in one-to-one and small group language training for business people and busy individuals who need language skills for work, travel and family needs. They have locally-based teachers to reduce travel time and expenses, e.g. a Spanish course in Bristol will be taught by a Spanish teacher living in the Bristol area, an Arabic course in Dubai will be taught by an Arabic teacher living in Dubai.

Language Trainers

The Language Trainers owners also run a translation site, Translation Central, which can translate any type of documents or websites from any language into English and from English into any other language.

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 5:00 am

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