KnowledgeWorks Foundation: Education Map of the Decade

2006-2016 KnowledgeWorks Foundation – Education Map of the Decade. ‘The map was created by aggregating the opinions of relevant experts, including ethnographers, anthropologists who do intensive case studies based on field research. The map is a forecast – a credible, internally consistent view of how future forces will affect the components of public education.

KnowledgeWorks Foundation: Education Map of the Decade

It is not a prediction: it does not claim to state what will happen. Since the future spelled out in the map may very well occur, you can use it to spark your thinking about education. If you consider the map as a guide to a plausible future landscape, rather than a comprehensive representation of a definitive future, it can be a useful tool for strategic planning.’

Trends and Hot Spots

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Updated: July 24, 2018 — 9:27 am

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