How Tech is Changing Online Tutoring

New technologies have changed education always and the current web2.0 revolution has made for significant leaps in the area. There are so many ways in which technology has made education easier, more engaging and better understood.

For instance videos have made so many concepts a lot easier to understand than lectures or classes and digital simulations of charts and graphs help people understand tougher concepts in a far easier manner. For tutors there is an opportunity to use these technologies more-so than there is for teachers as they aren’t as limited in terms of how they teach and the number of people they teach.

Verbal discussions are an integral part of teaching and when they are utilised in conjunction with different technologies they can really help students have a hands-on experience. This helps them retain information better and is often like having a lab or full on experiment in the middle of the room or class.

Education Anywhere
Technology removes the physical barriers and makes it simple to learn or receive tutoring from anywhere across the world. This means that whether you want your tutor to give you a quick lesson from 30 miles away on a cold winter’s day, or when you’re the other side of the world – it can be done on the same terms. This not only means that you can be taught no matter where you are, but also that you can be taught by people no matter where they are.

Online tutoring is not limited by geographical positioning and tutoring can now be received from a wide variety of amazing tutors – meaning you’re not limited to the person at the end of your street. It also means you don’t have to try figure it out by yourself.

Take for instance the likes of MOOC. This program has meant a number of the world’s top universities are offering a wide range of courses online across a range of platforms to the public for free. Technology allows this to be achieved in an easy and low-cost manner and is a testament to this technology.

Aspects of modern technology such as video conferencing and instant messaging mean the world is open to everyone who wishes to receive education from anyone. These two factors allow for amazing social interaction and the chance to learn from other people ingrained in that subject. For instance, it’s now as easy as a click of the mouse to learn Spanish from a Argentinian person – it’s as simple as that.

Share Information
Cloud based products also allow for amazing leaps in the sharing of information. It’s now easy to share huge files of data with each other and collaborate on projects with others through sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

In addition, the notion of carrying a heavy bag to school or college is also almost a thing of the past. An increasing number of publications are releasing their books in electronic versions suitable for tablets and laptops. In addition, these devices have fallen and continue to fall rapidly in price – meaning using them for work or school is a practicality.

Education is changing at an increasingly steady pace and the technology that’s available allows this. Taking advantage of this tech for online tutoring and classroom based activities can only be a good thing from what we understand.