Getting an Advanced Degree Online for Adult Learners

Going back to school to get an advanced degree can seem like a major challenge, especially after a long hiatus. In recent years, there has been an uptick in continuing education student enrollment, with numbers for students looking to study for an MBA or another advanced degree sharply rising.

If you decide to pursue a graduate degree, you will be in good company. With a competitive job market, it helps to have all the tools you need to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Online vs. Brick and Mortar

One of the latest higher education trends is in online education. Many students find the flexible scheduling, ease of use and affordability an attractive option for returning to coursework.

Online colleges run the gamut from independent universities to divisions of established brick and mortar universities. There are many types of study programmes available, from photography colleges that offer advanced degrees to business colleges that offer a bachelors in business administration for working adults.

Still, others pursuing graduate education prefer to attend classes at brick and mortar institutions. These colleges offer a traditional classroom setting with personal instruction and peer interaction. While both online classes and traditional classrooms offer a quality education, the newest trend has been in online coursework for continuing education students.

Online Degree Trends

If you are still on the fence about online education, consider the facts. More students are graduating with their MBA degrees now than ever before. Enrollment has risen across the board for online colleges, from undergraduate through doctoral degrees.

Many graduates of online universities cite affordability and flexibility as their main motivation for attending classes online. These colleges often offer accelerated learning programs that allow students to earn their degrees in a fraction of the time of traditional colleges.


Online colleges and universities offer individualized attention, expert instruction and one-on-one counseling to meet the needs of their students. These colleges have built-in programs that help students become accustomed to the pace of the work and offer help with time management skills.

Armed with the skills they need to succeed, returning students often graduate at a higher rate than their traditional undergraduate peers.

There are many great colleges, both online and off, that will give you the stellar education you need to succeed in the professional arena. Enjoy the flexibility, convenience, and affordability of online learning in a collaborative setting that is tailored to the needs of working students.

Updated: July 19, 2018 — 7:28 am

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