Free eBook from The eLearning Guild: 834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction

834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction Homepage. ‘This free Digital Book, 834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction, is an amazing collection of tips from 336 of your professional colleagues. Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use to improve your knowledge and skills in online instruction. This eBook is available for everyone regardless of their affiliation with The eLearning Guild – so don’t hesitate to tell all your colleagues about it.’

Free eBook from The eLearning Guild: 834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction

ebook: 834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction (PDF, 1.1 MB). From Introduction: In early 2005 The eLearning Guild conducted a survey of its members on the subject of Synchronous Instruction. A total of 644 members responded to the questionnaire. The last question in the questionnaire asked members who have online instruction experience to list their favorite tips to share with other online instructors; a remarkable total of 336 members contributed usable tips.
As might be expected the tips ranged from a single word (Plan! or Practice!) to as many as fifteen separate tips running over 350 words! They also ranged from the simple and obvious to the unusual and subtle. They covered the complete gamut of behavior for an online instructor. We are providing these tips to everybody who is interested in being more effective at doing online synchronous instruction.
The raw list of tips was overwhelming, so we examined several schemes for categorizing them, none of which worked very well. Finally, we decided to let the tips fall into more or less natural categories as suggested by the tips themselves. Most of the categories relate to functional roles: instructor, manager, and design and development team.

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