For the Weekend: Are you ready for WikiGroaning?

WikiGroaning. ‘WikiGroaning is the art of comparing the level of two things nerdy ness based off Wikipedia results.
It’s a pretty safe assumption that Wikipedia articles, although read by millions, are primarily written and updated by tech-savvy people with a large amount of time on their hands (read: nerds).

Based on the level of contribution and size of individual articles, we here at WikiGroaning are able to tell the level of interest for any particular thing in the worldwide nerd community.
It’s a very complex algorithm. We count the number of characters in the referenced article on Wikipedia, and then apply an advanced ratio to convert those characters to “Nerd Points”. Currently, we’ve determined a ratio of 1:1 leads to the best results.’ [via TechCrunch]

Update: Random Walk in Learning lists 4 Wikipedia games, including WikiGroaning.

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 4:39 am

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