European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL)

European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL): Welcome to 21st-century learning! ‘EIfEL is responding to the challenge of the knowledge society by creating a community, a framework, and tools to identify, develop, recognize and validate the competencies of education, learning, and human resources development professionals.
The key principles on which our actions are founded are:

European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL)

– learning is lifelong, life-wide, formal and informal
– individuals, organizations, and communities learn in close interaction
– knowledge, information and learning technologies have the power to support innovation and transform and unite all forms of learning

Based these principles, EIfEL supports learning technologies designed and used to value the human capital of individuals (e.g. competencies, knowledge and social networks) and the development of the social capital of learning communities and learning organizations.’

Updated: July 25, 2018 — 5:16 am

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