European Association for Distance Learning (EADL)

European Association for Distance Learning (EADL). ‘The EADL is the European association of schools, institutions, and individuals working in correspondence and distance education. With members from over 20 European countries, the Association is a representative forum for the exchange of information and ideas on current practice and developments in the expanding field of distance learning. Nearly all member states of the European Community are represented in the EADL. But the EADL has also members in Norway, Russia, Switzerland, and Turkey. With 5,000 different courses the members of the EADL work with more than 2,5 million students all over Europe.’

European Association for Distance Learning (EADL)

Knowledge sharing with Joop van Schie. ‘A wealth of information and the results of numerous research projects in the fields of distance and e-learning are available on the Internet. With the help of Joop van Schie, active as a content-delivery expert for the Dutch Kennisnet and for Albeda College (FE) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the R&D Committee aims to select the best and most useful items from this vast quantity and make them easily available on this website. This will save members long searches for the content they want, and, the chaff having been separated from the wheat, will give them items of high quality and relevance. The aim is to make readily available information that really matters and that is immediately useful to the work of distance learning providers. At this stage, the project is obviously still in its infancy. All members are invited to contribute to its success.’

EADL Conference 2007 – Distance Learning in the Digital Age, 23 – 25 May, Dublin, Ireland. ‘Distance Learning and Digital Applications are evolving closer ties on a daily basis so the conference will address issues on new internet trends in Distance Learning, in Mobile learning, Internet marketing, and advertising, and in online communications.’

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