EduTools – CMS Comparisons and Online Course Evaluation Project

WCET (Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications) EduTools. ‘EduTools is a suite of free, easy-to-use Web-based tools that allow users to collect, analyze, and weigh information about a variety of e-learning products, services, and policies. EduTools approach is to help the higher education community make well-informed decisions in three primary areas: course management systems; student services; and e-learning policies.’

EduTools – CMS Comparisons and Online Course Evaluation Project

EduTools Course Management System Comparisons. ‘The EduTools site has been re-launched as a community-driven site, beginning with the Course Management System (CMS) site. Just like the original EduTools site, we continue to offer feature-by-feature product comparisons and decision-making supports. In addition, the site now includes the ability for any user to submit reviews for new products that haven’t already been reviewed or to add their own feedback as to how well specific products have implemented various features.’

Online Course Evaluation Project (OCEP). ‘The Online Course Evaluation Project (OCEP) has been created to provide distance learning administrators, instructors and course designers with a resource to explore the availability, quality, and completeness of online courses for higher education, Advanced Placement, and high school. The EduTools project provides access and functionality to give users of this content an effective tool to search and compare course evaluations.’

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 8:46 am

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