Educational use of Cell Phones

Cell Phones in the Classroom: A Good Practice Guide: ‘At the moment, we live in a time when cell phones are banned from the classroom. I believe this is, in fact, a quirk of history, and that in years to come students will be admonished for NOT bringing their cell phones into school! Good practice guidelines fall naturally into 3 parts: a) School-oriented use of cell phones; b) safety guidelines; c) etiquette.’

Educational use of Cell Phones

Schools dial-up cell-phone content . ‘As more and more teenagers own cell phones, a small number of schools are making the most of the devices’ popularity by finding legitimate educational and instructional uses for them.’

iWapper creates WAP sites for cell phones

New cell phones targeted at the younger generation

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 12:45 pm

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