Educational Bookmarking: Blackboard Scholar

Blackboard Scholar. ‘Blackboard Scholar is a social bookmarking service customized for education. It provides a new way for students and instructors to find educationally valuable resources on the Web. Using the knowledge and power of Blackboard’s network of educational users, Scholar will make it easier for instructors and students to find relevant resources on the Internet for courses and research. Furthermore, by storing and sharing associated information with each resource such as tags, disciplines, other users who have tagged and more, Scholar will allow users to evaluate the resources and find the most relevant and reliable.’

Internet Archive: Open Educational Resources (Beta)

Blackboard Beyond Initiative. ‘The Blackboard Beyond Initiative is developing a series of Web properties that connect the institutions, faculty, and students who use Blackboard worldwide, across education segments and disciplines, and thus leverage the wisdom of the community for teaching and learning. Blackboard Beyond is developed by Blackboard but shaped by the community. Built on the principles of Web 2.0, Blackboard Beyond will be a series of innovative, centrally-hosted web properties, delivering rich, user-driven tools.’

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 5:31 am

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