Education Arcade: Next Generation Educational Games

The Education Arcade. ‘The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have joined forces to catalyze new creative, teaching, and learning innovations around the next generation of commercially available educational electronic games.

Education Arcade: Next Generation Educational Games

The Education Arcade, a two-year-old research and educational initiative established by leading scholars of computer and video games and education at both universities, plans to focus efforts by partnering with educational publishers, media companies, and game developers to produce new educational electronic games and make them available to a larger audience of students and their teachers and parents. The Education Arcade’s mission has been to demonstrate the social, cultural, and educational potentials of a video game by initiating new game development projects, coordinating interdisciplinary research efforts, and informing public conversations about the broader and sometimes unexpected uses of this emerging art form in education.’

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 11:15 am

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