Education 2.0

Education 2.0 – more than just e-learning. ‘Smart buildings and tech-savvy teachers boost learning. Universities and colleges are looking at how technology can improve their teaching and bring their content to wider audiences. And it’s not just about sitting students in front of PCs to type up their essays either. It’s a broader issue exploring how technology can change the way teaching is done, how learning can be extended beyond the college gates and whether new buildings can have technology embedded in them to create a better learning environment.’

Education 2.0

ZDNet Education IT: Education 2.0. ‘I read Marc Wagner’s post regarding mobile data protection with interest since a gift 2 years ago to our school had provided most of our teachers with laptops. These laptops are, by and large, highly utilized and often contain a variety of very sensitive data. These data can include grades, special education documents, discipline documents, letters to parents, and even union-related or administrative materials. In Marc’s article, he talked about using Internet technologies to access files stored securely on a school network or server. While this represents a best-case scenario, many schools, especially in the K-12 arena, may lack the resources in terms of systems administration and/or bandwidth to support VPNs or other remote access technologies.’ Education 2.0. ‘Education is a very big issue. While we’re all busy talking about 2.0, America’s children are being taught like the computer has yet to be invented. If we think making a change in the media/tech world is hard, try your hand at education. Trust me, I have a mother whose job it is to find ways to help schools connect with students the system’s disenfranchised.’

Web 2.0 in Education

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 11:21 am

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