E-Portfolios for Learning

E-Portfolios for Learning Blog by Helen Barret. ‘I have created this blog to discuss my ideas on electronic portfolios to support lifelong learning. I hope to share some of my concerns about the current direction of electronic portfolios in High Education and K-12 schools.’

E-Portfolios for Learning

My “Online Portfolio Adventure. ‘I am exploring different online portfolio systems, free web server space or other strategies for developing online electronic portfolios. My purpose is to find options that are most appropriate for high schools and average individuals who are not associated with a higher education institution.’

See also What is an ePortfolio? and History of ePortfolios at ePortfolios Portal

Educause: An Overview of E-Portfolios by George Lorenzo and John Ittelson (PDF)

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 10:54 am

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