e-Learning and Distance Learning in China

China commits to ICTs-based distance learning and e-learning. ‘China has a vision of lifelong learning in which information and communication technologies-based (ICTs) distance education and electronic learning are key components. China now has three of the world’s mega-universities, institutions in which over 100,000 students use largely distance learning methods. It hopes its strategy for promoting lifelong learning will be adopted worldwide. A chapter in a joint publication from the Commonwealth of Learning and UNESCO describes how China’s Ministry of Education is actively promoting innovative forms of distance education (DE).’

e-Learning and Distance Learning in China

Book: Perspectives on Distance Education, Lifelong Learning & Distance Higher Education (PDF). ‘As globalization advances, education is increasingly crossing borders – national, regional, sectoral and institutional. At the same time, educational systems are having to respond to other profound changes, such as the knowledge explosion, the changing interaction between the public and private spheres, and the increasingly rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT). The present volume deals with distance higher education systems – especially those designed for lifelong learners – in the context of these changes, emphasizing the need for international co-operation and for well-thought-out policies in areas ranging from funding, appropriate use of ICTs and quality assurance. Aimed at planners, policy-makers and other stakeholders, the book is intended to be a practical tool for capacity-building and decision-making.’

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