E-Book: E-Learning Concepts and Techniques

E-Learning Concepts and Techniques. ‘E-Learning Concepts and Techniques is a collaborative e-book project by Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Instructional Technology students and guest authors. It was a project-based assignment for the online class, E-Learning Concepts and Techniques Spring 2006 and is dedicated in memory of Justin Bennett (1989-2006). It is also dedicated to those who love to learn as well as to those who inspire that love in others.
PDF and RTF files will be available soon.’

E-Book: E-Learning Concepts and Techniques

The Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania – Department of Instructional Technology. ‘The Department of Instructional Technology has become a nationally acclaimed, unique program for the preparation of instructional designers, eLearning designers and interactive multimedia developers.
The program integrates extensive experiences in all phases of instructional design: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Students are provided with “hands-on” experiences with authoring, web development, graphics, eLearning, and project management tools.’

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