Degrees Acquired by True Intelligence

Many people argue that the conventional educational system relies more on memorizing the textbook concepts rather than preparing the students for the real world. The educators argue on the other hand that they combine theory with a practical approach in order to train the students for upcoming challenges. The most important fact although remains that most of the concepts in the academia are merely memorized by the students just to clear the examinations and are forgotten after completing the degrees. Sometimes it is true that those concepts don’t need to be revised as they are not practically applied in the industry and due to the fact that they have become obsolete. So updating the courses in the educational institutions is crucial.

In most of the studies, the textbooks are regularly updated but their contents are a bit changed just for the sake of updating. The exact concept of the textbook itself is considered to be primitive by many experts nowadays. However, with the advancement of the IT industry, several new techniques of teaching and learning are being introduced with include online simulations, online lectures, videos, quizzes, etc. At the same time, a lot of institutions are striving to remove the unnecessary repetition of the concepts that are already known by the students, in order to save time and boost the morale of the learners and encourage out of the classroom learning. Because it is actually this type of learning in which the people have problem-solving skills and can, therefore, be called True Intelligence.

Degrees Acquired by True Intelligence

Such institutions offer life experience degrees, work experience degrees, diplomas and college credits for the courses which the enrollees have already learned. The students are indeed evaluated and their skills are assessed by proper evaluation techniques, but these practices are only taken by the credible institutions. Unfortunately, many fraudulent companies are taking undue advantage with the emergence of these ideas and are making fake websites which represent virtual universities. Therefore, the people in search of such degrees and certificates should practice caution and enroll in accredited online universities only.

Some people are prone to be influenced by negative factors and they completely withdraw from or don’t consider the online education sector just because of the presence of fraudulent organizations. It is, however, mentionable that one cannot escape the negative factors in any area of life and life itself is all about taking risks. Consequently, the people with true intelligence should not be apprehensive about earning the proper recognition for the learning they have already gone through.

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